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DIY jobs can be time consuming and sometimes challenging, that’s why Katana’s aim is to turn anyone into a serious DIY'er. Our range of cordless power tools allows you to tackle any job easier, without the hassle of juggling a cord around or worrying about a power supply.

With our growing range of household and garden tools, combined with accessories, batteries and chargers, you’ll be able to tackle any project with more confidence.

Products for the serious DIY'er
Backed by a 3 Year Limited Warranty, Katana Powertool products are designed to tackle any DIY job. Fancy an extended warranty for your powertool skins? By creating a Katana Online Account you can get an added 2 years of free warranty on top of the existing 3 years. Please see our Warranty page for more information.

Australian Owned
Being Australian owned and operated, Katana Powertools is committed to delivering an affordable product that suits the DIY users needs. Choose from a wide range of different power tools and accessories to help get the job done right. Whether you're mowing the lawn or putting together a flat pack, the Katana Powertools range has you covered.

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